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Update on Aylestone Meadows

2nd February, 2011

Many thanks to all those people who took time to register on the poll and make comments. The poll registered exactly 2 to 1 in favour of having the football facilities with 486 people polling. This is a remarkable number of people given that its… Read full article

I believe local issues are important

26th January, 2011

As well as delivering big improvements for our city I am proud of my record in working with local communities on issues that concern them.  Here I am working with fellow ward Cllrs Culdipp Bhatti and Piara Singh-Clair  and local people protesting about the siting… Read full article

Solution for Aylestone Meadows

11th January, 2011

How we can save Aylestone meadows from development and still provide new football facilities

City Wardens to combat nuisance and make people feel safer

17th December, 2010

City Wardens now cover every ward in the city following their successful launch. I had heard about this kind of approach from talking to other councillors around the country and thought it could work here in Leicester. In our manifesto we included city wardens to… Read full article

Ross launches City Clean Up Team and fulfils another election promise

17th December, 2010

Lots of people had told me that there was too much litter in the city and it was too untidy, and I have to say I thought they had a point! Under the Lib Dems and Tories the council had spent a fortune on mechanical… Read full article

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