Here’s what people have to say about Ross…

  • Was blown away by Ross Willmott at the Labour mayoral hustings – a future vision of a City I want to bring my kids up in – mind made up!

    Cllr Sarah Russell Cabinet Member for Environment

  • I am supporting Ross for Mayor because I know that he will deliver for us. He is dynamic, passionate and has a proven track record of running and improving our city. Ross is clearly committed to making Leicester an even better place to live, work, do business and to socialise in. I know that he has the vision to take our city forward without losing touch with the local issues which really matter in our communities

    Michelle Hughes – Labour Activist Leicester West

  • I am supporting Ross because he is the best leader the city has ever had. As well as delivering great things for our city. He has always shown kindness and care in the way he treats people and listens to them. I wish him the best of luck, he will be a good Mayor in everything he does.

    Cllr Ramila Shah – Humberstone & Hamilton

  • Ross is the only candidate with a real track record and vision for our City. He proved that he can lead the council and the city and his achievements are everywhere to be seen. He is the only one who has delivered on any scale. For me the choice is simple, there is no real competition; Ross must be our Mayor.

    Balbir Singh Mann

  • Ross would make an excellent Mayor of Leicester. As Council leader he was responsible for multi-million £’s of investment in Leicester, bringing countless jobs, prosperity and sustainability to the City in the shape of new shopping centres, arts and sports facilities. His time as City leader brought with it renewed optimism and confidence in Leicester as the progressive heart of the East Midlands and a nationally recognised model for harmony in cultural diversity.

    As a former councillor who served beside Ross, I can say that Ross has the skills, ability and experience to lead the city in opposing the vicious and unnecessary public service cuts forced on it by the Tory/Lib Dem government and secure its future.

    Nigel Holden Labour Party

  • Ross, I wish all the success in the World for your campaign. You have achieved many great things in your political career and you have overseen many fundamental changes in local government, it would, therefore, be fitting for you to become Leicester’s first directly elected Mayor!

    Cllr John Blackmore

  • Leicester made significant progress under Ross Willmott’s leadership in improved services including education and housing as well as huge regeneration of the city.
    He is a highly respected figure in the region and on the national stage. I served with him on the Local Government Association, where he made a big impact as the chair of the Urban Commision.
    As leader of the Labour Group in Leicester he skilfully led the Labour opposition to a huge turnaround in 2007, when Labour won back control with a massive majority.
    Ross is exceptionally well qualified to fulfil this role. His outstanding record demonstrates that he would be an excellent Mayor and a first class advocate for Leicester.

    Chris Williamson Labour MP for Derby North. Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government

  • The Leicester West Co-Op Party is proud to acknowledge Ross Willmott’s long-standing service of more than 30 years to the co-operative movement. We support his campaign to become Leicester’s first directly elected Mayor.

    Leicester West Co-op Party

  • I am supporting Ross because of all the candidates he is the only one with the right type of experience and a proven track record of achievement in the city.

    He also has continually demonstrated his vision and leadership for Leicester, whilst at a personal level is genuinely interested in people.

    Cllr Michael Cooke Cabinet Member

  • Ross Willmott has the knowledge and experience of what is needed to ensure Leicester maintains it’s place at the top table of developing cities in the United Kingdom. Furthermore he has no other major positions at present to consume the time and energy required to run our City for the benefit of all our citizens”.

    Malcolm Unsworth Leicester South & candidate for New Parks

  • I am supporting Ross because I know him well having worked with him for many years.
    He is the best leader the council has had, delivering great results for the city. He has vision, clarity, and integrity. He is the best person to take Leicester forward. He cares about people and has improved the lives of many through his hard work and commitment.

    Cllr. Culdipp Singh-Bhatti MBE

  • We are supporting Ross as he is by far the best person to be the first Elected Mayor of Leicester

    Gwen & Fred Abrahams – Braunstone Labour Party

  • I am backing Ross to become Leicester’s first directly elected mayor because he transformed large parts of the city for the better and has the ideas to bring further growth and prosperity for Leicester.

    I have met with Ross recently and I know he’s meeting with as many people as he can to listen to them and to articulate his vision for Leicester. I believe he will be an approachable, honest and open Elected Mayor.

    Vijay Singh Riyait – Beaumont Leys

  • I know Ross from our efforts whilst campaigning for the Labour Party in both parliamentary and local elections. He really gives his all and I feel it would be Labour’s and Leicester’s loss if he were not selected as the mayoral candidate.

    Colin Clayton – Labour campaigner

  • I am backing Ross because not only has he delivered for the whole city but also for communities like New Parks. We have Ross to thank for the customer services centre, the police station, and our new library.

    Brian Roberts – former city councillor

  • I’m supporting Ross because I know he is aware of the big issues facing our city and he has the experience to to get us through these difficult times

    Bert Russell Former City Councillor

  • I was approached by various friends of mine who suggested that I stand for the elected Mayor of Leicester, but after giving it some thought, and seeing the candidates who were standing for election, and also the fact that I had two former leaders in mind, I’ve decided to choose Ross Willmott.

    I would like to appeal to all of my supporters, to support Ross Willmott in everything that he endeavors to achieve, now and in the future. He will make a great first Mayor of Leicester.

    Mr Dennis ‘Sugar’ Christopher Businessman and Chairman of the Leicester Caribbean Carnival

  • “I’m backing Ross because he has real vision for the development and growth of our City and for the people of Leicester. He works hard with Councillors and many Partners to achieve this.”

    Cllr Anne Glover Braunstone

  • “I’ve known Ross for a number of years and I firmly believe that he has the experience, the tenacity and the vision to hit the ground running during these tough economic times. Not only does he have an excellent understanding of the issues that matter to our large Asian community here in Leicester, but he also has the right set of values – values that matter to me, to the people of Beaumont Leys and to decent hardworking people across our city. I’m very proud to be supporting Ross to be our Labour candidate for Mayor of Leicester, and I would urge fellow members to join our campaign.”

    Sundip Meghani Labour candidate for Beaumont Leys and Ethnic Minorities Officer for the Leicester West CLP

  • I am pleased to be endorse Ross’s bid to be Labours candidate for elected mayor of Leicester.

    I believe Ross has a clear vision to continue to improve our city and has the commitment, determination and energy to deliver that vision.

    Under his leadership, we destroyed the previous Conservative/Liberal Democrat council administration resulting in a overwhelming Labour victory, against the national trends, in the Council elections of 2007.

    In the three years of Ross’s leadership after 2007 we delivered the majority of our manifesto commitments which have brought significant improvements to our city, whether it be Building Schools for Future, Curve, Highcross, the introduction of City Wardens or the planting of the last of the 10,000 trees in the city.

    I believe Ross is the best candidate to build on Labour’s successes of which we can all be proud.

    Cllr Andy Connelly

  • Coming from Australia, I first encountered Leicester on a visit in 2002. When I returned in 2009 I was amazed at how much the centre of town had changed and this was largely due to the impressive High Cross Centre development. If this is an example that Ross Willmott is capable of instigating, I believe that he would make a very proactive and innovative Mayor – just what Leicester needs!

    Darren Davidson

  • Ross Willmott should become the first elected mayor of Leicester. Ross has done so much to really put our city on the world map. Ross’s achievements in leading the City Council speak for themselves – just look at Highcross and the other shopping facilities, the new Cultural Quarter and Curve Theatre. This aligned with commitment to making Leicester a thriving and prosperous city, and all the work done for education, employment, environment and business.
    Ross is committed to Leicester and the people of Leicester and in my view would be an excellent elected Mayor

    Karen Whitelam

  • I am supporting Ross because he is a proven and successful Leader of our City who will command the support of many voters and businesses. We need his vision and experience to lead us through these difficult times.

    Cllr. Neil Clayton – Chair Leicester West Labour Party

  • Having worked with you over the past ten years or so I am in little doubt of your committment to the economic prosperity and sustainability of the City.

    Parvin Ali – FATIMA Women’s Network

  • I’m Supporting Ross for Mayor because he has a clear vision for the City. Working with Ross for many years in the Labour Party was an honour; he is the best council leader this City ever had.
    With Ross as Mayor the future will look so much brighter in these bleak times with the Tory/Lib dem cuts. Ross is the best person really standing up for the rights of Leicester people.
    Thank you Ross so far for your hard work!
    I look forward to seeing you as the Elected Mayor of our great and fine city.

    Patrick Baines

  • For the sake of Leicester, Ross Willmott should become its first elected mayor. Ross achieved an enormous amount as leader of Leicester City Council – and he could achieve much more as the elected mayor. Ross built on the historic foundations of Leicester to make it a more modern, more vibrant, more inclusive and more culturally fulfilled city. Leicester became a more successful city under Ross’s stewardship.

    Paul Gosling

  • Ross has the depth of experience necessary to move this City forward. Ross is able to unite the people of Leicester in these difficult financial times.

    Edward Hasman – Labour Party activist

  • I am supporting Ross because I know of his role in the expansion of the Shires to create Highcross and bringing in businesses of such high prestige. Highcross has shown beyond doubt that Leicester is a superior shopping centre to that of Nottingham!

    Jim Roberts – Labour Party Campaigner

  • I support Ross as Mayor because he has a clear, inspiring and practical vision for Leicester, the city that has been my home for over thirty years. As a local resident, I have seen first hand his qualities as a community leader. In my time leading Leicester Theatre Trust he demonstrated his commitment to the city’s vibrant culture. When I stepped down from my role leading a national charity due to family illness, I experienced personally his humanity and support. Ross has proved himself as an effective leader of great integrity, commited to Leciester.

    Anthony Lawton, OBE

  • Ross has already proved he has the right qualities and experience to bring investment, leadership and pride back to our city. He cares deeply about Leicester. He wants to give everyone high quality of life experiences with education, jobs, culture, sport and homecare.

    Lucia Chaplin – Candidate Stoneygate ward

  • I know that Ross will make a great Mayor for Leicester. He has a proven track record of successfully running and improving our city. He cares about what happens and he is always ready to help people. Leicester needs a leader of vision and experience who is in touch with local people, Ross is that person.

    Sarah Brack – Labour Party activist

  • I am supporting Ross Willmott for Mayor because he has the vigour and vision to create a more prosperous Leicester for all its citizens.

    David Brazier – Vice Chair VAL

  • Ross will make a great Mayor for Leicester because he is really, really persistent – he never gives up trying for the city he loves; (b) he’s a talented person, and we’re so often shy about talent when we need it more than ever before; (c) he knows that our public services are the things that make life work; and (d) he understands from the inside how local government works and can use that know-how to help the people of Leicester to help themselves in the best of ways.

    Dr Paul Davis