Ross launches City Clean Up Team and fulfils another election promise

17th December, 2010

Lots of people had told me that there was too much litter in the city and it was too untidy, and I have to say I thought they had a point! Under the Lib Dems and Tories the council had spent a fortune on mechanical cleaners and increased hours of cleaning and yet there was little improvement. So I took myself off one day to have a look at what they did. It didn’t take me long to see that the Green Machines were ok in the road but they could not clean up on the streets, under seats, and in nooks and crannies where rubbish was blown. I discussed this with colleagues and we agreed to try the old fashioned way and get some good people with brooms and shovels. This is exactly what we did and the City Clean Up Team was born.

Do you think it’s working? Would you like to see more of this around the city? let me know.

The photos of people on this website does not imply their support for the campaign. They show the broad range of activities that Ross has been involved with.

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