Update on Aylestone Meadows

2nd February, 2011

Many thanks to all those people who took time to register on the poll and make comments.

The poll registered exactly 2 to 1 in favour of having the football facilities with 486 people polling. This is a remarkable number of people given that its the first poll of its type and has been covered by the Leicester Mercury here and here. Whilst the poll appears to be conclusive the comments are less so. The comments are more balanced. Most are in line with my view that we should find an alternative site, that ensures we get the new football facilities and protect the Meadows. (not all comments have been posted as some language is a bit strong)

Thanks to those who have made suggestions. As some new ideas have emerged such as moving the pitches to a former location away from the wildlife area, this would seem to be a great improvement over the current proposals and I will ask colleagues to look at it carefully. Along with looking at completely different sites.

I shall be forwarding the results to the Council’s cabinet and I will still pressing for a win – win solution.

Since the poll closed Cllr Wann has announced an extension of the the Meadows area as compensation for the potential loss of land. Already some of you have expressed comments about this and again there are mixed views. Clearly this is not a straightforward solution, so let me know what you think.

Please let me know if you have suggestions for future polls.

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  1. Ross Willmott

    2nd February, 2011

    Thanks Ben, I tend to agree that no one has really been able to answer the impact of floodlights, cars and parking. It is these issues that have to be dealt with. I will keep working on it.

  2. Ben

    2nd February, 2011

    Hi Ross, ‘Compensation Land’ does not ameliorate the impact on wildlife as the wildlife already has the run of the proposed plots.

    Building artificial pitches with accompanying car park, fences, floodlights and buildings anywhere within the green wedge is a disaster for wildlife.

    Clearly Cllr Wann & co mistakenly think the protestors are just after dog-walking land.

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