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Scrutiny news

26th September, 2011

Last Thursday was the third meeting of the Overview Select Committee and here is a brief digest. The committee spent most of the time examining the council’s accommodation strategy: or what shall we do with New Walk Centre? We were presented with much the same… Read full article

Are CURVE, The Depot, Highcross, Phoenix Square, Braunstone Leisure Centre and a new gallery vanity projects?

5th September, 2011

I have heard all of the above described from time to time as vanity projects. Usually by the same people who are critical of any improvement they don’t like or perhaps are envious as they weren’t involved in creating them. So what is a vanity… Read full article

Hustings Sunday 27th

28th February, 2011

All Labour candidates were at the hustings in the Town Hall on Sunday. Thanks to everyone for attending and giving up their Sunday morning. Also thanks for the positive feedback from many of you that were there. I did my best even with a cold… Read full article

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