Hustings Sunday 27th

28th February, 2011

All Labour candidates were at the hustings in the Town Hall on Sunday. Thanks to everyone for attending and giving up their Sunday morning. Also thanks for the positive feedback from many of you that were there. I did my best even with a cold and sore throat! Good questions about transport and the park and ride schemes, the Cultural Quarter, manufacturing and investment in the city. A few people said they would switch their votes to me after hearing the candidates, so that was good news. Only 6 days to go now before the result and if you haven’t voted don’t forget to do so.

Update: Cllr Sarah Russell tweeted yesterday “Was blown away by Ross Willmott at the Labour mayoral hustings – a future vision of a City I want to bring my kids up in – mind made up!”

Thanks Sarah

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  1. Putri

    24th March, 2015

    Really interesting to read a reveiw from someone who has more knowledge of the Tudor period than myself. I’ve just finished the book and really enjoyed it, but I was a little unsure as to how much of the historical fact’ was indeed true, and how much was Mantel’s invention. From browsing around a few blogs it certainly seems that history buffs are enjoying the novel as much as literature lovers.Anyway, thanks for the reveiw, mine is here if interested:

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