9/11 Remembrance

10th September, 2011

I remember 9/11 well for I had been in the World Trade Centre at Easter just before the suicide attacks in the Autumn. I had wanted to ascend the Empire State Building but there was a 4 hour queue. My impatience led me to the… Read full article

Art Gallery ‘head to head’ with Elected Mayor

8th September, 2011

Radio Leicester ran an enjoyable head to head (about 2.25 in) between me and Peter Soulsby on their breakfast programme this morning about the replacement for the City Gallery. This was followed by an interesting phone in. I have been campaigning for 2 years to… Read full article

Further news from Scrutiny……

7th September, 2011

Cllr Sue Waddington reported a successful first meeting of the Employment Scrutiny Commission enquiring into the future of teaching English as a second language. We looked at two major projects affecting the city, never before scrutinised, as we wanted to learn from them. We discussed… Read full article

Are CURVE, The Depot, Highcross, Phoenix Square, Braunstone Leisure Centre and a new gallery vanity projects?

5th September, 2011

I have heard all of the above described from time to time as vanity projects. Usually by the same people who are critical of any improvement they don’t like or perhaps are envious as they weren’t involved in creating them. So what is a vanity… Read full article

“Its scrutiny, Mayor, but not as we know it”

4th September, 2011

Interesting events at the second meeting of the Overview Select Committee? On behalf of the committee I had asked Cllr Veejay Patel to attend to explain why he agreed to the redundancy of Chief Finance back in April and to comment on the scrapped Myplace… Read full article

Scrutiny gets off to a good start

2nd August, 2011

The first scrutiny meeting under the new system got underway last night. Kicking of reviews of the potential closure of elderly persons homes, the future of teaching English as a second language (ESOL) in the city, and the 0-19 review of education which is set… Read full article

Scrutiny holds first meeting

28th July, 2011

On the 1st  August at 5.30pm the new Overview Select Committee will hold its first meeting, in the Town Hall. We will start scrutiny reviews of the proposals for changes in Elderly Persons Homes, the provision of services for 0-19 year olds  in the city… Read full article

Ross leads on Scrutiny

12th July, 2011

It is a great privilege to be asked to lead scrutiny at the City Council. I am very grateful for the support of my fellow councillors for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to working with colleagues to hold the City Mayor and his… Read full article

I would like to thank all those who supported me and I am naturally disappointed not to get the Labour Nomination.

5th March, 2011

A really big thank you  to all of you who voted for me, and supported me throughout this campaign, its a disappointing result, but I know we fought a good campaign with integrity. I would especially like to thank Cllr Neil Clayton, Sundip Meghani,  Vijay… Read full article

Regeneration over the last 10 years

4th March, 2011

The Council along with Prospect Leicester-Shire have published a great new series of guides to the successful regeneration of the city. They are worth having a look at and paint a really good picture of Leicester moving forward. My thanks to all those involved in… Read full article

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