Wolsey articles

Save the Wolsey Angels

22nd January, 2015

  Following my blogs about searching for the lost remains of Cardinal Wolsey, the Victoria and Albert Museum got in touch with me. Recently the 4 Renaissance Angels that Wolsey had commissioned for his tomb, had been discovered. They had been lost for over 400 years…. Read full article

Momentum builds in search for Wolsey

12th February, 2013

The call to discover the remains of Cardinal Wolsey gathered momentum today as the Leicester Mercury published the story on its front page. I agree with the Mercury that this is a bit of a ‘long shot’ given the size of the Abbey and the number… Read full article

Richard III, Cardinal Wolsey an unlikely connection?

8th February, 2013

Now that the mortal remains of Richard III have been found in the social services car park here in Leicester, will the search for Cardinal Wolsey begin? What is the connection between these two men? In November 1530 Wolsey had been summoned by Henry VIII… Read full article

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