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Six month report on scrutiny published

11th March, 2012

Scrutiny has made a good start in the council, even though the new arrangements got off to a late start. The six month report shows that we have notched up some early successes. The first innovation was the publication of a  Scrutiny Handbook for the… Read full article

Clarity welcomed from City Mayor

9th December, 2011

Well done Radio Leicester! On Ben Jackson’s programme this morning we finally heard the City Mayor say he would not take an allowance of £100,000. He now agrees with the majority of people who have expressed a view that it would be wrong to take… Read full article

Elderly persons Homes should stay open: scrutiny told

8th December, 2011

At its meeting tonight the Adult Social care scrutiny Commission will hopefully resolve to keep the council run homes open and in council control. see summary of our report Elderly Persons Homes Update Friday 9th December. The Adults Social Care Scrutiny Commission, voted unanimously to support… Read full article

The truth behind the mayor’s £100,000

8th December, 2011

Yesterday the submissions by the City and Deputy City Mayor to the Independent panel on members allowances were released, along with others. They make for interesting reading. It is clear that both the mayor and deputy were arguing for considerable increases from their current level… Read full article

Community Land Trust, a possibility for Ashton Green

30th November, 2011

The Overview Select Committee (OSC) considered the proposals about the major housing development at Ashton Green.  This development will see 3000 homes built on a site north of Beaumont Leys. The proposal is to enter into long term partnership with a private sector developer. This… Read full article

Elderly Persons Homes scrutiny meeting 20th October

21st October, 2011

The scrutiny review on the future of the Council’s elderly persons homes, under the chairmanship of Cllr Paul Westley, has identified some interesting facts. Last night we learned that the running costs of our homes are about the same as those in the private sector,… Read full article

Scrutiny News: Job creation and regeneration

21st October, 2011

For the last 10 years the city council and other agencies have invested significantly in inward investment and regeneration. This has helped to create thousands of jobs in the city and county. In a report for the Overview Select Committee on the 27th October we learn… Read full article

Asking Questions makes a difference

5th October, 2011

Questions about this years budget at the scrutiny meeting on the 1st August caused looks of consternation from the mayor and deputy. Every question we asked revealed a growing problem with delivering the savings that were agreed in February. We discovered that this added up… Read full article

Scrutiny news

26th September, 2011

Last Thursday was the third meeting of the Overview Select Committee and here is a brief digest. The committee spent most of the time examining the council’s accommodation strategy: or what shall we do with New Walk Centre? We were presented with much the same… Read full article

Further news from Scrutiny……

7th September, 2011

Cllr Sue Waddington reported a successful first meeting of the Employment Scrutiny Commission enquiring into the future of teaching English as a second language. We looked at two major projects affecting the city, never before scrutinised, as we wanted to learn from them. We discussed… Read full article

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