City Gallery articles

Great Art Exhibition

20th September, 2011

I attended the opening of the Leicestershire Society of Botanical Illustrators exhibition on Friday 17th. I had first seen some of the work at the Art House open weekend where artists throw open their houses so that you can view their work. If you can… Read full article

Art Gallery ‘head to head’ with Elected Mayor

8th September, 2011

Radio Leicester ran an enjoyable head to head (about 2.25 in) between me and Peter Soulsby on their breakfast programme this morning about the replacement for the City Gallery. This was followed by an interesting phone in. I have been campaigning for 2 years to… Read full article

Are CURVE, The Depot, Highcross, Phoenix Square, Braunstone Leisure Centre and a new gallery vanity projects?

5th September, 2011

I have heard all of the above described from time to time as vanity projects. Usually by the same people who are critical of any improvement they don’t like or perhaps are envious as they weren’t involved in creating them. So what is a vanity… Read full article

Ross fights to keep City Gallery

17th December, 2010

Why Leicester should have the art gallery it deserves. Some time ago as Leader of the Council I decided that I would try and solve two problems in one. The lease for the existing City Gallery was running out on Granby St (after 21 successful… Read full article

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