Significant support in South

6th February, 2011

My thanks got to Malcolm Unsworth for his statement below, and all of you who have offered your support to me.

“I support  Ross Willmott’s candidature for the post of Elected Mayor of Leicester in the forthcoming elections. He has achieved both a high profile and a worthy reputation as a successful Labour leader of the City Council, steering Leicester through the recent regeneration of the retail and cultural areas of the City.These developments have created a feel good factor, employment opportunities and an enhanced sense of pride that many citizens have in their City. These improvements have made it more modern and attractive, without losing anything of our heritage. The blending of present and past has satisfactorily enabled the City to maintain it’s identity, a feat of which he can feel justifiably proud. He has highly developed communication skills, the confidence, fortitude and integrity to do a first rate job managing and representing our City. He will draw together public support from across the width and breadth of our multicultural city.

Ross Willmott has the knowledge and experience of what is needed to ensure Leicester maintains it’s place at the top table of developing cities in the United Kingdom. Furthermore he has no other major positions at present to consume the time and energy required to run our City for the benefit of all our citizens”.

Malcolm Unsworth Leicester South & Candidate for New Parks

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