Ross Shortlisted for Labour PCC

9th July, 2019

Today I launch my campaign to become the next Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester Leicestershire & Rutland

I have just been shortlisted and the successful candidate will be chosen by a vote of all Party members later this month.

This is a chance to campaign for Labour and expose the failings of the Tory government.

British policing resources have been “drained to dangerously low levels”, The cuts, have along with the “virtual destruction” of neighbourhood policing “contributed to the feeling of lawlessness” generated by knife crime and county lines drugs.

These are not my words but those of five ex-Met Police Chiefs, last Friday.

Locally we have lost upwards of 500 police officers and millions of pounds. Added to this are the Tory Government cuts in public services, which have devastated community resilience and services for young people. This is not a time for business as usual.


My focus will be on:

  • Increasing by ten times to £1million the money going into work with young people through youth groups to      tackle knife crime. Knife crime must be stopped.


  • Neighbourhood policing with every community having local police officers. This is what people tell me they      want.


  • Tackling domestic violence, the abuse of children and hate crime.


We need a Labour Government with Jeremy Corbyn as PM to reverse these cuts as we have pledged to do. But we can do things locally. Willy Bach the first Labour PCC has created 107 new police officers. I will build on that. I will create a diverse leadership team reflecting the population we serve. I will use positive action to improve the diversity of the Force.



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