Belgrave Hall & Gardens should stay open, says Community Meeting

28th November, 2012

Last nights Community meeting of Belgrave and Latimer wards voted overwhelmingly to keep the Hall and Gardens open. We have been told that Belgrave Hall and Gardens have been closed by the City Mayor. However the consultation period has been extended after it was realised… Read full article

A win for Obama

17th October, 2012

Fascinating watching the second presidential debate live here in the USA. Whatever your politics Obama came out way ahead of Romney, not just on style the obsessive preoccupation of American commentators, but more importantly on substance. In a statesmanlike fashion Obama articulated coherent positions on… Read full article

Peace Prize for EU: congratulations!

15th October, 2012

Congratulations to the European Union for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. This is well deserved and recognises the enormous contribution over six decades that the EU has made. It’s so easy to take for granted the peace we enjoy. And if this award does nothing… Read full article

DMU leisure centre opening

31st July, 2012

It was great to attend the opening of DeMontfort University’s new leisure centre a superb addition to the Leicester skyline. It’s a fantastic new facility open to the community as well as university staff and students. The  leisure centre along with the new Tescos has… Read full article

Nottingham gets new powers: why not Leicester?

5th July, 2012

Reported nationally today is the news that some of England’s biggest cities outside of London are to be given significant extra powers and money, and that Leicester isn’t one of them! This will be in return for promises to bring down youth unemployment and speed… Read full article

Nothing new under the sun

15th March, 2012

So we are to have a £4m square at the top of the High Street. To replace a strategically important park and ride site that was completed two years ago at a cost of £1.8m. I think its a good idea to create a public… Read full article

Six month report on scrutiny published

11th March, 2012

Scrutiny has made a good start in the council, even though the new arrangements got off to a late start. The six month report shows that we have notched up some early successes. The first innovation was the publication of a  Scrutiny Handbook for the… Read full article

Scrutiny impact on City budget

21st February, 2012

As Chair of the Overview Select Committee I very much welcome today’s press release from the City Council announcing some changes to the budget that were put forward through the scrutiny process. The full proposals can be found here. It is good news that the… Read full article

Business as usual on Saturday?

6th February, 2012

Of course we are all grateful that the presence of the EDL in Leicester on Saturday did not result in violence. It was clear from those who saw them at first hand that they were intent on causing trouble and spreading their messages of hatred… Read full article

EDL should be banned from marching

31st January, 2012

Open Letter to the City Mayor Dear Peter, I am appalled that the racist EDL are to be allowed to march through Leicester this Saturday. I am also astonished that you have not applied for a ban to stop the EDL marching through our streets. There… Read full article

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