Great rally with Jeremy Corbyn in Nottingham

8th September, 2016

IMG_4753I’ve just got back from the biggest politcal rally I’ve seen since the miners strike in the 1980’s.

There must have been two to three thousand people at Forest Fields in Nottingham. Luckily it was outdoors so there were no limits on numbers who could come along.

It was a great positive atmosphere with many speakers explaining the real difference a Labour Government would make.

Lets end this false austerity, which punishes ordinary working people, and leaves bankers to enjoy their bonuses of millions of pounds. Such unfairness in society must end. The Tories as ever are looking after their own whilst the vast majority of us honest taxpayers are the ones who are suffering.

Jeremy was received with a resounding cheer and the mood of optimism was infectious.

Mobilising people on this scale shows that Jeremy Corbyn is in touch with people and has every chance of becoming Prime Minister.



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