Campaign Launch Radio Leicester

12th January, 2011

Appearing this morning on Ben Jackson’s programme at Radio Leicester gave me the opportunity to talk about some of the important things I would do as Mayor. This is a new opportunity for the city and I want to listen to people and respond to what I am being told.

An example of this is getting the football pitches sorted out at Aylestone Meadows. With a bit of creative thinking we can achieve a win-win result. I want to see the football clubs get their new facilties and protect the nature reserve at Aylestone Meadows.  My solution is to find another site and I have identified two: Knighton Park and Riverside College. There is a solution like this for most problems we face, but not all. The cuts imposed on us by the government will be very difficult, but I have already suggested a freeze on recruitment, to help protect front line services.

This week the council advertised 27 jobs in total costing the council about £792,000, including approx £100,000 for pension and Nat Ins costs. I am sure some of these posts are essential, but I am equally as certain that some could wait. Even if half this was saved, we would could keep the city gallery, and protect community centres, libraries and services for elderly people from some of the government cuts

Listen to my interview here its 36.50 mins in.

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