Why Jeremy Corbyn will lead us to Victory on June 8th

19th April, 2017














I strongly beleive that we can win the General Election on June the 8th.

It is time for everyone to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn.

I have been an active member of the Labour Party since 1972 and have supported all of our leaders. Of course I have never agreed with everything they said or did. Tony Blair was entirely wrong in going to war in Iraq. But the money the Labour Government, under his leadership, put into schools and the NHS was fantastic.

I know I was Leader of Leicester City Council during this time and we were able to do things to help people. We invested and created jobs, built new schools, homes and health centres. This is what Labour does and why we should be given the chance to do so again.

Jeremy Corbyn has attracted huge support from people across all ages and sections of society. I have attended rallies where he has spoken to thousands of people eager to hear what he has to say. This is unknown in modern politics, that is dominated by the ‘Westminster village’ and the national media.

In Jeremy we have a Leader we can trust. Someone who does what he says, a politician of integrity. Over his long time in Parliament he has consistently voted according to his beliefs, for fairness, for justice and for peace.

But jeremy Corbyn’s success is a sign of the wider shift in the public mood away from machine politicians, who first ask you what you want to hear then adjust their view to suit. We should all have greater respect for the electorate and be honest and straightforward. I learnt early on that in the long term gaining respect for speaking your mind, disagreeing,  holding a different view, is better than false popularity based on spin.

It served me well during the miners strike in 1984, when I supported the minority striking miners in an area where they continued to work. I was respected for this and was elected in 1985 as a councillor with an increased majority over my predecessor.

Most people want to see a fairer and more equal country. Standing up for that as a clear aim, with policies to bring it about is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength

I look forward to campaigning to remove the Tories from power.

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  1. su warer

    2nd May, 2017

    Good to see you are on the side of Corbyn!

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