Wolsey Angels saved for the nation

16th February, 2015

It was announced today that the Wolsey Angels have been saved for the nation by the Victoria and Albert Museum. They said “The V&A has raised the £5 million needed to complete the purchase of four bronze angels originally designed for the tomb of Cardinal… Read full article

Richard Attenborough

26th January, 2015

I was sorting through some photographs the other day, and found some of Richard Attenborough. A couple of which I have posted here, as a memorial to a great man and a good friend who died on 24th August last year. I first met Richard… Read full article

Save the Wolsey Angels

Save the Wolsey Angels

22nd January, 2015

  Following my blogs about searching for the lost remains of Cardinal Wolsey, the Victoria and Albert Museum got in touch with me. Recently the 4 Renaissance Angels that Wolsey had commissioned for his tomb, had been discovered. They had been lost for over 400 years…. Read full article


Beagle 2 Found!

20th January, 2015

It was tremendous to hear that Beagle 2 had been found on Mars. A great vindication of all those involved including the late Prof Colin Pillinger who did so much to make the UK mission to Mars happen. Since I was a small boy I… Read full article

Leicester WE day

Leicester’s Mini WE Day – Anti Bullying

24th July, 2014

    I was really pleased to be able to attend the Mini WE Day event organised by and for young people in Leicester. The theme was anti bullying and there were young people from across the country present. The Leicester event held at the Y… Read full article

Adventure Playgrounds – Scrutiny

26th June, 2014

                              Plans by the executive of the City Council, to cut the Adventure Playgrounds funding have been scrapped. This follows strong protests and demonstrations from the playgrounds and an in depth… Read full article

Post Office

The case of the Council’s customer service centre; How £16,000 became £6.5 million or if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

8th June, 2013

  Not all scrutiny takes place in meetings. Here is an example of scrutiny undertaken simply by asking questions of the council and the executive. The council has decided to move the customer service centre from its current location at New Walk Centre to the… Read full article


Scrutiny says no to imposed academies

28th February, 2013

After lengthy and full consideration of the options the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Commission rejected proposals for voluntary academies for some primary schools in Leicester. We agreed to endorse the council’s current policy of opposition to all academies. We were told that all our… Read full article


Pressure mounts to re-open Belgrave Hall and Gardens

13th February, 2013

Last night the Belgrave Hall Conservation Area Society held an open meeting as part of its campaign to re-open the Hall and gardens. Cllr Piara Clair Assistant Mayor responsible for the Hall attended to answer questions and explain why he had agreed to the closure. Cllr… Read full article


Momentum builds in search for Wolsey

12th February, 2013

The call to discover the remains of Cardinal Wolsey gathered momentum today as the Leicester Mercury published the story on its front page. I agree with the Mercury that this is a bit of a ‘long shot’ given the size of the Abbey and the number… Read full article

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